Umesh Reclusa hominid indica
I don't have a broadband connection, but i have a mobile plan that gives me access to 6 GB 4G data per day. Is there a way by which I can download my BAM file, which is expected in the next 4 weeks over multiple days? I am using Internet Download Manager, and I can refresh the download address daily, but i dunno if it will work or not. Are the links to our BAM files generated afresh, when we click on download button, or are the links to the files static? Can Dante Labs provide static links for easy download resumption if I request? Otherwise I will have to go to some internet cafe to download my data.
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Randy H
No, unfortunately. If they supported wget / curl like other AWS sites, then yes. The link you get from the website is only good for 1 minute. Supposedly buried in their online implementation of IGV (i.e. DNA Explorer) is a link that works for 24 hours. But even then, they have to enable the wget / curl protocol access. If I or you find something different, let me know. As we want to add the download feature into WGS Extract.
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