If I ordered additional report and it shows I have no mutations in HLA-B gene does it really mean all HLA-B gene/ gene group is meant in the report? I am asking as in same report I also received info about two other specific genes from HLA-B group and they show no mutations. I am asking as the report does not state all genes from HLA-B group one by one ( numerous genes) but also does not point out HLA- B gene only but shows additionally two specific HLA-B genes ( if this info is about whole gene why would you put those specific genes then?). Does it mean all HLA- B group was checked and shown in a report or some other specific genes from HLA-B group were not mentioned in the report? I guess this question is valid for any other gene group you put in your reports as HLA-B is a group whereas other genes from HLA-B are specific. So what do you actually point out in that report/s? ( I know overall you check whole genome. I'd like to learn what exactly you put in your reports). 
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For the most part, the reports only show variants that are classified in Clinvar excluding those classified as benign. There is a section at the end of some of the reports called "Individual Variant Interpretations" which has the odd variant not classified in Clinvar but where there is some research on that variant.

If you don't have any variants listed in the HLA-B gene that doesn't mean you don't have any variants in that gene. It just means any you do have, are either benign or there is no information on them. There are a lot of variants that have no information.
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