Just a thought, but is there a way to determine if certain genetic traits result in more natural immunities to disease more than others? As everyone is now aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to light a staggering separation between those who are Asymptomatic and those who become critical. 
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Hey Evangelon! We're currently planning on running an association study for characterising patients responses to COVID-19 to help expedite case triaging. We've created a page here where you can find out more about our response:  https://www.dantelabs.com/pages/coronavirus . We're interested to hear other ideas about how you think we can help though
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I tried the link   https://www.dantelabs.com/pages/coronavirus . It came up momentarily and then reverted to "page not found."
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The page works for me, but they do seem to have been making a lot of changes on the site lately so maybe there are some glitches.
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Randy H
USA users are always redirected, with a delay, to the us.dantelabs.com site.  Hence the flash.  You need to use a VPN through Europe or elsewhere to see what the rest of the world sees with Dante. Suspect FDA regulations over medical testing and information dictate this setup with Dante.
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