Erik Chapman
I wanted to make a suggestion under the suggestion category, it said I wasn't authorized to create a new topic there.   It seems self defeating to have an area for suggestions that doesn't authorize people to post suggestions.  
The suggestion is, even a full genome read is usually missing around 5% of the information, and according to one of George Church's sites, to his knowledge no specific individual has ever had their entire genome sequenced.  

The timing of the coronavirus is bad for business, but the world could use some good news on the genetic front.  I've already applied to upgrade to hybrid long and short reads, if you have extra capacity you could grind out the last missing pieces of a genome.   Finish mine off and I'd let you publish it and do whatever is necessary for verification and assist with publicity.  I used to be a trial lawyer, I'm good at public speaking. 

I think that would be a really good attention getting feat for you which would generate a lot of free press. 
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Tried the same thing. I wasn't allowed to post either. I have a few suggestions I'd like to post about your user interface and the way the customer's reports are presented.
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Hi everyone,

"Your Suggestions" is now working. Thank you for noticing it and letting us know Ã°Å¸ËœÅ 

You can now tell us any suggestions we might implement. If we like you idea, you will have the chance to win 5 personal additional reports!

Thanks again

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