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gVCF files are becoming more popular. These contain all of of a person's genotypes, not just those that vary from the reference. Maybe Dante Labs will at some point provide both.

Sequencing.com's Eve Premium app can generate a gVCF file.
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In a previous response I said I liked Enlis. That was based on having only looked at the Genome Overview file. That seemed quite good so last week I decided to pay for the annotated files to use with their software. When I started looking at the files I realised they were still using dbsnp version 142. It seems like they haven't updated their annotation data since the company started in 2015.

They told me I have 2 variants in the ARSA gene that are pathogenic for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. Both variants have now been classified as benign. I am not very impressed really given the cost. It costs a similar amount for Varsome to analyse the files.
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