I would highly recommend a hard review of your practices regarding customer service. In my experience with Donte labs, I received many delays and poor excuses. This led to many replies where I was cursing and angry. But this was after months and months of no replies and being pushed off and not be given explanation for things. I am still in the dark for incomplete sequencing, which I know is there, based on my uploading my files to databases and getting incomplete information that was the data that was provided to me on the B AM file was not complete. But the responses that I received for the majority of the experience were not educated, they were not expedited, even when there was a clear need for escalation and resolution. I’ve been in customer service and client services for well over a decade, and I would never approach the situation the way I’ve seen it handled with this company. It’s dishearteningAnd it will make patients question the integrity of the company, as well as the results of their own testing.
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Hi Blm,

First of all i’m a user like you. I purchased my kit’s (10 pieces) on November 2019 i kept them for two months. After i finished the kit’s and get them ready to send. The Dantelabs helped me from the beginning to send them. I was in communication with them even when the kit’s was under receiving, QC and till they finished sequencing. Some of the kit’s failed today so i think the kit’s was filled in wrong way by us who used it, but 6 was finished sequencing in really fast way almost 1.5 monthe or less. 

i was not sure even if Dantelabs will be legitimate, but now i’m sure they are.

The only take is that they use Hg19 instead of Hg38 in the Bam file, also i forget to mention that they helped me prepare the kit’s finished to be moved to yfull in a very fast time.

so after all i think Dantelabs are very very good after all.

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they were very slow, but finally I got it. Now waiting for the 3rd time...
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I purchased my kits for the family in Nov 2018 (not 2019 !), and took 8 months and repeated email communications to get it done. At one time I was so frustrated and asked to cancel the order and refund. I was promised the test would be speeded up and offered a discount refund. I got the sequencing results finally but the refund never happened, even after repeated email communications. Dante Labs even ignored and did not reply the repeated requests. Don't trust their promises.
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