Andrea Castiglioni
Dear customer service..

My history:

21 Oct 2018:
I write you I'd like to test my whole family, starting from my wife father ASAP cause he was dying of cancer (which he did).
I wrote you in the email that i need THE WHOLE RAW DATA in one of classical format (fastq, sam/bam, vcf, ecc..).
You wrote me back that the raw data is included in the price.

I buy the first test
€399.00 EUR

I sample him, you successfully completed DNA extraction at 28 novembre 2018

I buy 6 MORE kits
€2,094.00 EUR

25 Feb 2019:
You let me know that the Dante Labs reports are now available.

26 Feb 2019:
I see the online results but i need the whole raw data (i am doing all this because i just need the raw full data!). So I write you an email at 00:13
You reply that each of the 7 samples can be delivered via a 512 GB HD (mail sent from "Mark"). I ask you if i can send you a 4tb hdd

01 Mar 2019:
You say that for internal policy I need to but one for each sample (mail sent from "Lula", in italian). She also says that i can apply a 50% discunt with a code.
I thank her.

11 Mar 2019:
My wife's kit has no results, I write you asking if there is any problem and writing "When it's ready i will order hdd with raw datas for every kits "

12 Mar 2019:
"Paul" asks for my wife kit ID... But the system is under maintainance so 14 Mar 2019 at 07:59 I wrote back to "Paul":
"I wish I could but the Kit Manager gives System under maintenance since yesterday.. Do you know when will it be back online? "
The system is under maintainance even at 19 March, because I've got a screenshot from that day. Screenshot I send to you

20 Mar 2019:
"Mark" writes me back this:
"We're not yet aware of when the issue with the website will be resolved but I can assure you that our IT team are working around the clock to have this resolve."
I wrote you back this:
"is just an issue with the website?
My data is still there? because one of the person who gave the sample is dying (and i need his dna data) so if you lost the data please tell me and i will resample him asap"

22 Mar 2019:
the kits shows up but with multiple results, some are duplicated or inserted three or four times and what's worse is the results are DIFFERENT for the SAME person.
Moreover there are still no result for my wife's kit. I am puzzled and write you with screenshot of all this.

26 Mar 2019:
I write that i need to buy the hdds with raw data because the health of my wife's father is degrading and if I need to sample him I need to do ASAP.
I ask how to apply the 50% code

29 Mar 2019:
"Mark" writes me back with an URL, with a different code which I try exactly 51 minutes after Mark sends me the email, but it gives me a 404 ERROR PAGE NOT FOUND
I wrote him back, with a screenshot

7 Apr 2019:
Mark writes me to try again.
I write back, because again 404 not found

10 Apr 2019:
Mark escalates my query to a different team for investigation. Tells me a response will be provided shortly.

26 Apr 2019:
A new link is provided from Mark. The codes still don't work. But I've got other issuses on my mind atm because:

29 Apr 2019:
My father's wife passes away.

5 May 2019:
I write you back.
"Hello Mark,
I'm on the link you gave me, but at the moment i have to enter the special code to have the 50% discount for the 7 hdds I have to buy it says me
Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered
both for the code "SPECIALHD" provided by Lula and the code "FULLHD" provided by you..
As soon as you tell me the right code for the 50% discount I will send the order..
btw.. i see some mess on the kits (duplicated entries), please be sure to send one full raw data hdd for each sample i've sent you"

6 May 2019:
"Dena" writes me:
We are sorry to hear that you're unable to apply the codes. Not to worry I'll send a request to our team to assist in this regards. Once I receive a response I'll advise you accordingly.

14 May 2019:
I send you a mail: "Hello.. any news?" quoting the old thread of mails

15 Jun 2019:
I send you an email: "Hello please give me any news on the code to apply to have the discount for the hdds" quoting the old thread of mails

27 Jun 2019:
I send you an email:
"Dear Mark, Dana, Lula
I need this data or else I've just wasted my money.
Could you please activate the special code for the 50% discount so i can be able to buy 7 hdd with my raw data?"

26 September 2019:
I see that my mails are ignored. So I bought the HDD without any discount
Order #EU6952W
€413 EUR
I write you: "Hello, i've bought 7 hdd, one for each of the samples i've sent you, in order to have the whole raw data for each samples. Could you please confirm you still have those raw data? "

27 September 2019:
You write me back:
Thanks for reaching out.
We are sorry we would not be in a position to provide download links for the raw data files (FASTQ/ BAM). It takes longer than expected to provide a solution. However, these files can also be delivered faster via a 512 GB HD. You can purchase one here (url)
I am astonished. However i politely write you back :
"Hello, I've just bought them.

14 Oct 2019:
"Andrea" writes me
"We hope you are enjoying your Results. You will receive your BAM and FASTQ files within two weeks. Since we will upload these files on the cloud, you don’t need to buy a hard drive, unless you want one."

I immediately write you back:
"... The whole raw data??
So i am elegible for a refound since i've already paid for all the hdds? "

7 Nov 2019:
"Francesca Tarquinio" writes me :

Thanks for your request for raw data. In order to provide you with the FASTQ and BAM files, we need to resequence your sample in our new own sequencing center. We do not have enough DNA from your previous sample.
We are sending you a new saliva collection kit to recollect your sample.
This resequencing is completely free of charge for you as a gift for being a loyal

I am completely without words now.
I immediately write back to francesca: " One of the person I've collected the sample from has died. I hope that you still have got at least his data because I did ALL the samples in order to have his raw dna sequenced before his departure. And I wrote this down in my first email, over a year ago. Let me know if I can write to you in italian, so i can explain me better. "

"Sydney" writes me back asking in italian the kit ID
I write him back, giving in italian a brief (shorter than this) memorandum

15 November 2020
I receive a new kit (??) and write again to "Sydney" in italian
"Hello I did not have any answers to my previous email.. I've received a kit from you.. what should i do with it? for which sample it was"?

19 November 2020
I forward my email to ANDREA RIPOSATI, founder of Dante Labs, hoping he can help me.

20 Novembre 2020
He is extremely kind and answer to me immediately, giving me hope, because he says that the hard disk and data are available.
He gives me a refound of 50% of the hdds price and asks me if I still need the hdds because he could provide me a cloud link.

-€207 EUR

I immediately answer him back, telling him I'd still like to receive the HDD (since I've paid for them..)

Meanwhile "Giuliano" writes me back telling me that Mattew is supervisioning the migration and they will let me know

I reply that I will wait

21 December 2019
I write back asking for any news, since a month has already passed.
And I still don't know what to do with the kit

From January to the end of Febuary I'm overwhelmed with a new work, so I don't send any more mail. I just shake my head when i see a new "offer" by Dante on my mailbox wondering how will this odissey end

4 March 2020
I write to Andrea Riposati, Giuliano, Mario, Francesca, Generoso, Sydney telling them that
"I did not have any reply. I've bought hard disk months ago, kits were sampled a year ago.. can you send me my hdd with my raw data? What i should do with the kit with saliva that you send me? Can you give me any news? What should i do? Turn to legals? Sorry for this mail but I think I had enough patience until now. Thank you, Andrea"

And so now I've received this invite for this forum. So I decided to write all this in one last effort.

I just want my RAW data... or an apology and my money back (€2699 EUR) if you deleted it...
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Andrea Castiglioni
Is anyone from Dante Labs actually reading this? ._.
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