Umesh Reclusa hominid indica
I had upgraded from a 4x test to a 30x test. 
I downloaded my BAM File yesterday, and my BAM(BAI) file today.
On opening the file on WGSExtract, I have checked my coverage, haplogroup etc, but during processing, one msg which gets displayed is that the Index file is older than the data file. Could my BAM index file be from my earlier 4x result or can the sequencer give index and data files on different days?
My BAM is showing an avg of 52x reads, others too have posted similar values, but the 'older' msg is confusing me. Any ideas? For Dante Labs: My Order Number was #EU12929W (60820188482471)
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Randy H
Likely the dates got changed during the download and copy.  If in Unix / Linux, do a touch on the index file.  Otherwise, it can be recreated using "samtools index your.bam"
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