Giovanni Talpone
Hi, I am interested in discovering the Neanderthalian part of my DNA. I got my DNA records from DanteLab. And now? Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance.
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Erik Chapman
Dante isn't set up for that specific issue, but if you can find a page that is set up for it that takes uploads, you can either upload the Dante VCF if it will take VCF files, or with the Dante BAM file you can use a program called WGSExtractbeta to create a 50mb monster stack of SNP's, which is about the cutoff of most upload sites.   That 50mb covers the SNPs of the 5 major ancestry/ relative finder DNA services, but at a much higher reliability as it is based off 30x + genome reads.  

How that translates into actual proportions for Neanderthal DNA is an open question.   So 23 and me has a Neanderthal proportion where they'll give a very precise proportion of Neanderthal DNA, but that's based off of 0.1-0.2 % of your DNA and the dubious assumption that that small amount will have the same proportions for origins as the whole of your DNA.  

As far as how the Neanderthal DNA affects function, I don't know of any site that gets into that. 
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