Is there any way how to determine number of repeats in MAOA gene, see ?
In humans, there is a 30-base repeat sequence repeated several different numbers of times in the promoter region of MAO-A. There are 2R (two repeats), 3R, 3.5R, 4R, and 5R variants of the repeat sequence, with the 3R and 4R variants most common in Caucasians. The 3.5R and 4R variants have been found to be more highly active than 3R or 5R, in a study which did not examine the 2R variant.

I have Dante WGS tests for persons that have number of repeats determined by FTDNA test 3 repeats, 4 repeats, 3+3 repeats, 3+4 repeats, 4+4 repeats, 3+5 repeats so I'm able to verify the possible method.

According to rs909525 is the best proxy - but it does not work for my persons, both persons with 3 and 4 repeats have rs909525 = T.
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